Miscellaneous Pictures:-
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  1. Two 'warring' parties.
  2. Defeated!
  3. Azusa Fuyutsuki.
  4. Anko Uehara.
  5. Mayu Wakui.
  6. His bloodline ends here.
  7. Eikichi Onizuka.
  8. Norika Fujiwara.
  9. Urumi Kanzaki with her taser.
  10. Miyabi Aizawa fainted.
  11. Urumi Kanzaki and Eikichi Onizuka in a sleeping bag.
  12. A "kid", Aizawa and Fujiyoushi staring at each other in the middle of the night.
  13. A sheepish Onizuka with an overexcited Makoto Fuyutsuki.
  14. Teshigawara eating a garlic snack!
  15. Uchiyamada swimming for Olympics.
  16. Second-rated Urumi Kanzaki.
  17. Uchiyamada kneeling!
  18. Eikichi Onizuka 2.
  19. Nomura in Cutey Honey cos-play suit.
  20. Aizawa in a swimming suit.
  21. Aizawa in her ransacked house
  22. Aizawa on a ledge.
  23. Get Backers promo image.
  24. Onizuka saving Aizawa.
  25. Onizuka and Aizawa in a classic scene.
  26. Cresta destroyed again.
  27. Uchiyamada, Onizuka and Aizawa in the hospital.
  29. The sight of a hospital nurse when seen from below.
  30. 3 peeping toms!
  31. Daimon is weeping. NEW
  32. Shibuya shoots a policeman. NEW
  33. Daimon with a large wound... NEW
  34. Cresta grave. NEW
  35. Aizawa's peace plea. NEW
  36. The headmaster come back. NEW
  37. GTO last page. NEW
  38. A new 'victim'... NEW
  39. Taken hostage. NEW
  40. Jumping lines. NEW
  41. Onizuka as a gate. NEW
  42. I feel good... NEW
  43. The warded Onizuka. NEW
  44. Tokiwa is about to be... NEW