2-pages scenes:-
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  1. The fainted Kanzaki - she is dying...
  2. The crying Aizawa - wanting to return to the past.... ( a wallpaper version exists )
  3. Onizuka being shot - He is being shot by Teshigawara, with lots of people around.
  4. The victorious Nomura - stunning the audience with her excellent performance.
  5. The first time (not exactly a 2-page spread) - Onizuka is pushing Yoshikawa off the school building.
  6. The second time - Onizuka headbutting Kanzaki off a commercial building.
  7. Opps!! I does it again for the third time!! - Onizuka is pushing Aizawa off the school building!!
  8. Onizuka ripping the wallpapers, showing Fuyutsuki's pictures on the wall.
  9. The free falling Aizawa - after being pushed by Onizuka.
  10. BOOM! - Uchiyamada's Cresta exploded.
  11. The flying "angels". NEW
  12. Shibuya on fire! NEW
  13. Onizuka's bike on a plain. NEW
  14. Daimon on fire! NEW