The selective manga scan gallery is divided into few parts. Select the parts you want to see below. Any questions can be directed at me by sending me an e-mail.

      1. Cover scans. - GTO tankouban covers scans.
      2. Fanarts. - GTO Fanarts.
      3. Funny scenes. - Scans depicting hilarious moments.
      4. LOVE LOVE LOVE (romantic scenes) - Well, romantic scenes.
      5. Miscellaneous pictures. - Other misc. scenario scans.
      6. Onizuka's exclusives. - Scans of the main character, Eikichi Onizuka.
      7. Others's exclusives. - Scans of other characters.
      8. 2-page scenes. - 2-page scenes.
      9. "I'm screwed" scenarios. - Scans depicting characters in deep shit.
      10. Wallpapers - Wallpapers.
      11. Bulletin board avatars. - GTO bulletin boards avatars.